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Michaela Mackevitt Bellydance Instructor

Michaelea Mackevitt - Bellydance Instructor

Bellydance is an Ancient and beautiful dance, danced by women for women . In these classes you will learn the core moves and fun routines which can help improve co-ordination , core strength, body confidence, memory and mental well being . This is a low impact class suitable for all women of all sizes and all ages 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q  Do I have to get my belly out in class ?

A  No its not compulsory to get your belly out , unless you really want to .

Q  What do I wear ?

A  Anything you feel comfortable in that allows you to move freely , bare feet or some kind of dance shoe is preferred and a scarf to tie around your hips .

Q Do I have to buy special outfits ?

A  No unless you want to , most ladies like to purchase a coined hip belt , however its not compulsory 

Q  Do I need to bring water to class ? 

A  yes , you need to stay hydrated during excercise 

Q  Do I have to dance in public ?

A  No not at all , unless you want to ,as there are opportunities to do so if you wish .

About Michaela 

Michaela has been Bellydancing for almost 14 years ,she attended her first Bellydance class in 2006 and hasn’t looked back . Over the years she has taken workshops with some of the worlds top teachers and performers . Her passion and enthusiasm for Bellydance progressed to completing her teacher training in 2017 and running her own classes . She also performs with other dancers  at fund raising events and for organised  groups , such as young adults with learning difficulties and occasionally for WI groups .

Contact Michaela for more information and to book your class:

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