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Sue Greenwood - Gong Bath





Sues' professional background is in senior music education and research.

A more recent shift in direction towards exploring the healing potential of

sound through gongs and a range of other therapeutic instruments has

developed through extensive training with The British Academy of Sound

Therapy (BAST) and one of the worlds leading gong practitioners, Sheila


Sue feels that her journey as a musician has always been leading to this

point and the fulfilment she obtains from working with gongs is beyond

measure. Sue is a compassionate, sensitive, and intuitive musician and

she invites you to embark on a journey towards a more balanced state of

being, an adventure that can initiate healing, growth, and change. Her

vision is to introduce as many people as possible to the potential benefits

of sound therapy.

Sound therapy is a gentle, therapeutic treatment that has been shown to

encourage an overall improvement in health and wellbeing. You will be

gently eased into a deep, nourishing state of relaxation as Sue produces

sounds using a range of therapeutic instruments to include Himalayan

bowls, gongs, and crystal bowls. As the gong bath progresses brain waves

will gradually slow down and move from a state of wakefulness (Beta)

into a meditative state where Alpha and Theta brainwaves predominate.

This is achieved through the process of entrainment as your brain waves

lock into phase and synchronise through sympathetic resonance with the

sound waves produced by the instruments.

Participants have reported a reduction of stress and anxiety levels,

improved sleep and raised energy levels, an overall sense of wellbeing

and positive mood, and relief from muscle tension and pain.

Gong Baths are held the last Tuesday of every month at 6pm in the studio starting 22nd February 2022 and cost £15 per session. 

Please book in advance. Full event details with be sent to you upon booking.

Sue can be contacted on 07803 015578 or email


Please contact Sue for more information or visit her website

Further information on Group Gong Baths at Hever Health

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