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Group Gong Baths


Sound therapy is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that has been shown to encourage an

overall improvement in health and wellbeing. The body is 'bathed in sound' to nourish the

whole system and induce a sustained, deep state of meditative relaxation. The gongs, when

expertly and sensitively played, provide a range of sounds that help to restore balance and

harmony in the body and work on all aspects of being - physical, mental, emotional, and


What to expect

You will lay down on a yoga mat with a pillow and a blanket and be immersed in sound for

45 - 50 minutes. Sue will gently guide participants into relaxation before the session begins

with the gentle, soothing sounds of Himalayan bowls. The first of two main gong sections

will follow, and these powerful healing instruments will lead you into a state of deep

relaxation. The cool, linear, ethereal tones of the crystal bowls have a very calming influence

when they arrive during the central portion of the session.


How it works

As the session progresses brain waves move from a state of wakefulness (Beta) into a

meditative state where slower Alpha and Theta brainwaves predominate. This is achieved

through the process of entrainment as the brain waves gently begin to lock into phase and

synchronise through sympathetic resonance with the sound waves produced by the

instruments. This level of engagement with the sound frequencies can be recognised on

various levels - physically (vibrations are felt within the body), emotionally (emotions and

feelings are experienced), mentally (thoughts, images, memories, and colours may come to

the surface), and spiritually (a feeling of connection and oneness). Research has shown that

there are many health benefits to spending regular periods of time in a sustained, deeply

relaxed state into an Altered State of Consciousness where Alpha and Theta brainwave

levels predominate.


Previous participants have reported:

• A reduction of stress and anxiety levels

• A sense of wellbeing and positive mood

• Increased energy levels

• Improved quality of sleep

• Peace and tranquillity


• An increase in creative and reflective thinking


• Spiritual connections

Gong baths are held on the last Tuesday of every month at 6pm. for more details and to book

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