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  • Claire Hargreaves

How to keep healthy in these uncertain times

Here are some top tips for keeping yourself strong & healthy by supporting your immune system.

  • Eat foods high in vitamin c (most fruits, especially citrus & berries & vegetables, potatoes are also surprisingly high in vitamin C, particularly sweet potato).

  • Eat foods high in zinc (seafood, lamb, nuts, seeds, wholegrains).

  • Eat more organic produce- certain chemicals in herbicides & pesticides can impact on immunity, especially the gut, which may stop you fighting as well against infections.

  • Get out in the sun where possible to get your daily allowance of vitamin D3. This source of Vitamin D is the best form as the body can assimilate this much more easily.

  • Have a break from your mobile phone, plus switch off your router from 10pm- being around WiFi 24/7 is not good for us & it is particularly important between the hours of 10pm & 2am to have a break from this so the body can do what is naturally needs to do- repair, regenerate & detox!

  • Do some form of exercise- even if this is just some gentle yoga! Exercise is known to increase natural killer cells, part of our innate immune system, which is great for fighting against infections!

  • Take the following supplements for general support- Vitamin C, Zinc Citrate, Vitamin D, Chlorella, Fulvic & Humic Acid. (Please seek medical advice if you are on any medication before taking any supplements, just in case!)

If you would like to contact me for more specific advice on the information above please do.

I am also providing discounted tailored supplement packages for support during this time (correct of April 2020), using products from a very reputable company called Ki Science, who provide the highest quality herbs & vitamins, all from bio-dynamic and organic origins, which are providing the best results I have seen.

Stay Well!


Claire Hargreaves - Nutrikind Nutrition

0203 606 0162

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