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Profhilo Information Sheet


This is a unique treatment in that it actively stays in the skin for 30 days remodeling by stimulating the cells that are normally lost with age. It has had some amazing effects visually on skin quality and also the feel of the skin increasing elasticity and supporting the skin. It does not have the same effect on everybody.


It is not a filler or a skin booster or even an 'internal moisturizer' it is a skin stimulator that in some cases seems to actually reverse the signs of aging dramatically. Sometimes the effects are more subtle but it gives a radiant healthy glow hydrating and improving the elasticity of the skin. It can seem to tighten and lift as it smooths out the skin and irregularities due to fine lines reduce. 


It involves a course of two treatments four weeks apart which both need to be completed to follow the tried and tested effective treatment protocol. The effects then need to be awaited  - they are usually noticeable by 6 weeks. 


The substance itself is an ultrapure high grade Hyaluronic Acid which ranks as 'top high quality' in terms of purity and safety. It is thermally stabilized which reduces the risk of causing an allergic or inflammatory reaction.

It is advised for use as soon as the aging process starts to cause loss of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and this can be from the age of the 30s upwards. There is no upper limit on the age that it can be used for and it may be some of the older patients who can have the most dramatic results.


There are specifically designed anatomically located Bio Aesthetic Points and the injections (5 on each side) are placed there in the deepest layer of the skin from where the Hyaluronic Acid travels out in a 2cm radius to cover approximately a 4cm squared area from each injection point. 


The treatment is most popular for the face but also can be used for the neck and other areas on the body such as the chest and the arms and the hands.


Scientific studies on patient and clinician satisfaction show a high satisfaction with the results  - especially at around the 8 week mark (8 weeks after the first part of the treatment and 4 weeks after the part of the second treatment). Sometimes a third treatment may help.


The results wear off and the course of two treatments is usually repeated - if desired - in 6 months after the first injection.

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