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Stef Card Pulseroll Instructor Hever Hea

Stef Card - Pulseroll

About Stef


Stef has been a fitness enthusiast since her teens and has always favoured high energy workouts which inevitably took its toll on her body. A re-occurring injury forced her to take up yoga and in 2014 and she completed her yoga teacher training. Stef loved how light and relaxed her muscles felt after a long yoga class and this is what first sparked her interest into Pulseroll. Stef discovered Pulseroll at a fitness weekend and was really impressed at how simple yet effective it was. Just an hours session with the vibrating roller resulted in complete relaxation, the release of tension and her body feeling free from old aches and pains. Soon after this Stef started teaching and is now enthusiastic about telling everyone about the benefits of this amazing product. 


What is Pulseroll?

Pulseroll is an evidence proven piece of fitness equipment that can greatly help with flexibility, elasticity and improve the quality of life in regards to muscle discomfort. It combines pressure and vibration to ensure muscles stay loose, it increases blood flow and flushes away lactic acid. The vibration of the roller creates heat that forces fresh blood into the affected areas and similar to a sports massage it gently warms up the muscles and allows deeper penetration and self-myofascial release which in turn causes pain relief and can speed up injury rehabilitation.


Whats Involved in a Pulseroll class?

In this hour-long class, you will be doing a full body session with the vibrating roller. You will start off by identifying areas in the body that feel tight and work up from the feet to the shoulders to reduce stiffness, tight muscles and increase flexibility. By the end of the class you will feel relaxed, lighter and with less aches and pains!

How to book your class

Classes are held in the Hever Health Studio on Thursdays at 17.45. 

Classes are one hour and cost £10 

Pre-booking is essential so please email Stef

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