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Clinic Developments

The Hever Health treatment rooms are starting to take form, and the space now looks more like a clinic. We are waiting for the air conditioning firm to arrive before the walls are completed and the plumbing starts. The lighting is already in place and along with the sky lights that were fitted in December we now get a feel as to how light the space will actually be.

At the moment with the build in progress and the decoration of the studio to commence on Monday we are confined to a gazebo to treat those already booked in. You can still book massage with Sophie Brise and Osteopathy with myself. Just go to the booking page and you will be able to check our availability.

Look out for the next blog keeping you up to date with the progress and hopefully some further details on our launch events planned for the Spring!

In the mean time please take a minute to like our Facebook page where you can find further information on health, wellbeing and the clinic.

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