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Pampas Top Health and Beauty Tips During COVID-19 Lockdown

#Massage and #Beauty Therapist Catherine Davidson has given her top tips for looking after yourself at home. You may not be able to come in and have your routine treatments but that doesn't mean you have to stop looking after yourself. There are many things you can do to help yourself at this time so why not follow Catherine's guide.


Stretches are important to keep your body supple and tension free, perhaps try an online yoga or pilates class.

Roll a tennis ball on tense areas of your body to help relieve tension.

Mindfulness or breathing exercises are a great way to help chill us out so we don't get stressed and then have tense muscles.

Epsom salt baths help to relax your achy muscles.


This is a great time to look after your skin and go make up free!! You probably won't be seeing anyone anyway so give your skin a break, don't forget an SPF through March-October.

Use an oil underneath your nightime cream to replenish your skin.


Its also a good time to give them a rest from gels or acrylics. Pop some oil on the bare nail and buff them to get a nice shine.


Use an eyebrow pencil and mascara if you feel the need to do so.


This is slightly more difficult, you could shave for the time being, although the hair will grow back slightly thicker. Try an Immac hair removal kit from the supermarket to keep you going for now.

Hand Care

My most important tip is to moisturise your hands before you put a hand sanitiser on, as it can be drying to our skin.

Use a little bit of salt or sugar and rub it into all the crevices with a splash of water for a few minutes before you wash off. Then apply an oil and let soak into your hands before liberally applying your moisturiser, leave to hydrate over night or pop some loose gloves on for more hydration.

Pampa by Catherine will be back to help you regain your optimum mind, body, soul and beauty regime again.

Stay Safe.


Yoga and Pilates classes are available online from our instuctors at Hever Health during the #COVID-19 lockdown. Jenny is offering online #Pilates and Katie online #yoga. Jenny is also sharing Mindfulness videos through our Facebook and Instagram channels. Please follow us for more information.

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